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Secure Refill Request

We ask that you be proactive in your prescription refills. Please request prescription refills prior to running out of your medication. If you need a controlled medication refilled, you must come in to see a provider. You can call to schedule an appointment at any of our locations. Our preferred way to refill your prescription is to call your pharmacy, visit the PATIENT PORTAL, or call and leave a message for a nurse. This method allows us to capture accurate information and reduce errors. Online refills will be available for pick-up 48 hours after submission (excluding weekends - ex: A refill request submitted Friday night will be available Wednesday AM for pick-up) and you may obtain an emergency supply for up to 3 days at your pharmacy.

About PedIM Healthcare

Pediatrics and Internal Medicine Specialists, Inc. (PedIM Healthcare) is the first private medical office of its kind in Citrus County. We are proud to provide our patients with access to top-quality Pediatric, Women's and Adult Internal Medicine care all under one roof. Our state-of-the-art facility was built to help make a difference in the lives of the residents of Citrus County who have had this need for a long time.

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